Our Story

Anita T. Conner & Associates, P.C. began with a Dream…………………………..

The Firm began with the vision of an enterprising young girl, Anita T. Conner who was encouraged by her parents the late George E. and Dorothy M. Thorne to “Get a good education… get a job… learn and make mistakes on someone else’s payroll… then become an entrepreneur and control your own destiny.”

After graduating from Drexel University with a degree in accounting and working for Price Waterhouse, one of the largest certified public accounting firms in the country, in 1987, Anita left her J.O.B. and opened her certified public accounting firm in the attic of her home.

Anita’s philosophy about business is simple; “If I help others grow…I will grow”.  That work ethic, along with hard work helped the Firm to grow to what it is today.

With her children, Kerri Conner Matchett, CPA and John K. Conner, Jr, Financial Consultant, working side by side with her, Anita T. Conner & Associates, P.C. has grown to become one of the premiere Certified Public Accounting and Financial Services Firm in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Perhaps more than many certified public accounting firms, Anita T. Conner & Associates, P.C. has evolved to meet their client’s personal and business goals by providing comprehensive financial advice.  

As a comprehensive Certified Public Accounting and Financial Consulting practice, we provide a “Total Solutions” approach for our clients.  So that we may meet your financial needs, we offer accounting, tax, financial planning, insurance and investment services to individuals, small businesses, churches and other non-profit or faith based organizations.

We believe that accounting is more than just numbers.  Our staff is credentialed, certified and professionally trained. Our services are intended to complement your abilities. Your personal financial and business matters are given individual, creative attention to fit your needs.

We encourage open communication; for it is a vital factor in any good client-professional relationship.  Our goal is to communicate in a manner that leaves our clients well informed and comfortable.

Our objective is to always give the client as much value as possible for the fee charged.  We encourage our clients to discuss fees with us at any time.

All matters are handled in confidence, using the highest standards of the accounting, financial planning and financial services profession’s Code of Ethics.

Our goal is to build a loyal and long term relationship with our clients by delivering services that the client needs and wants.

One of our core values is providing excellent service and our efforts have not gone unrecognized.  Since inception, we have received over 60 awards and citations, including the Best Tax Service in Philadelphia, by the US Commerce Association, and Top wealth Manager in Philadelphia-as seen in Philadelphia Magazine.