Jason Driver

Branch Manager

In 1991, Jason began his financial services career.  For over 30 years, he has utilized customized financial planning to help clients achieve their financial goals.  The financial planning approach Jason implements is designed to help clients go from point A (where they are) to point B (where they want to be) with the least amount of risk.

Jason graduated from The University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in Economics in 1989. Throughout his career, Jason has continued to seek education to benefit his clients.  Most recently, he attained the Social Security Advisor Certificate from the National Social Security Association, enabling him to partner with his clients to maximize their Social Security benefits.

Jason is the branch manager for Conner Financial Group and provides customized planning and investment services for families seeking to protect and grow income and wealth.  Jason resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania with his wife and his 2 children.  He enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, reading, and skiing.